The Dunn Lab at Brown University’s Biology Department has a great website and podcast called Creature•Cast. It features student videos about the unexpected features of certain organisms.

One such video is by our very own The Vamos:

I also really like Noah Rose’s video about Marine Worms:

You can subscribe to the podcast by clicking here. Animals are awesome!



December 31, 2009


This Speaks for Itself

December 30, 2009

simply  beautiful – mike

Disclaimer: I in no way endorse lady gaga – mike

Sleigh Bells – We Love You

December 30, 2009

bbbbrainbow loves Sleigh Bells


I Want You

December 30, 2009

Yes. Yes. Yes.



December 29, 2009

Another gift from uncle Jim.

I realize that some may think it was risky testing the x-ray camera phone on my father, but I was pretty confidant that this wasn’t going to work.

x-ray = turn things pink

:-& Dave

and this kid is WAY better than me. and cuter.

:-& Dave

I guess I should post this because it’s already in danger of becoming old news, which is silly because the new album, Odd Blood, doesn’t even come out until February (technically).

Odd Blood is a lot more electronic and dancier than their first album, but it’s totally awesome. And you can download this song for free in exchange for giving Yeasayer your email address at



December 28, 2009



I remember


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