January 30, 2010

So I discovered this guy while I was scouring the internet for Mona Lisa remakes. His name is Marco Pece and he recreates famous paintings/art with Lego. AWESOME.

I’d say The Scream is my favorite one. Check out more here.

:-& Dave



January 29, 2010

I just felt these cats deserved to be posted – mike

Cat balancing Cherry Tomatoes – Andrew Haarsager

My favorite of the Tyler posts Extreme Cat Lady – Tyler DiBiasio

Kitten is Angry – Resham Gellatly

My personal favorite Lazy Cat on Treadmill – Steve Daniels (suggesting videos from Kenya)

Cat on iGallop – I can’t tell if he is really excited or really pissed off – Chris Rice

Cat Flip – I was expecting some sort of talented cat, but no… Ross Stackhouse

How to Break up a Kitten Fight – sooo goood Emily Ludwig Shaffer

A Ryan Carney Original – from Ryan Carney

Cats Talking + Translation – Emma Walsh

Cat Bags – via Sarah Critchley

Probably the weirdest video contributed – complements of Alexa Silva


January 29, 2010

So apparently it’s very common for people to want to make something out of something else. And many of these people have chosen to take the well traveled Mona Lisa route.

This baby is made up of 4,000 cups of coffee. Watch about it here.

This here Mona Lisa was made by a team in Osaka using 320,000 old train tickets from the Nankai Namba station.

This recreation was made entirely out of motherboard parts + frame.

This one’s made with hamburger grease. WHY?

Grass! Obvi.

Lego Mona Lisa! By Marco Pece.

Tofu Mona Lisa by Ju Duoqi.

5,184 spools of thread. By Devorah Sperber

Sausage. Yuck.

Desktop folders.

Mona Lisa = a ho

:-& Dave

I whipped this little gem up, now make it viral!



January 27, 2010

I have a soft spot for websites that filter overwhelming amounts of information based on personal preference (ex:  I also have a soft spot for sites names that begin with the first consonant repeated four times, so naturally I got really excited when I stumbled upon fffflickr.  It is pretty simple and pretty frickn’ sweet.  You just click on a photos you like, and then it gives you more photos you’ll probably like as well.



Pret-ay Sa-weet

January 26, 2010

yeah motion graphics – mike

Bleeding Album Art

January 26, 2010

Hubero Kororo designed this interactive CD cover for the band Uceroz. When you open the CD packaging on the side, ink is set free and bleeds into the cover of the CD. I really like this idea.” –

bleeeeeeeed – mike

The Knife is set to release their original soundtrack to an opera by Danish performance group HOTEL PRO FORMA based on Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species.The opera is called Yesterday, In a Year and has already had performances in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. The album is in collaboration with a German music/dance troupe called Mt. Sims and the Berlin-based musician and video-performance artist Planningtorock (who rules, by the way…).

Here is The Knife, Planningtorock, and Mt Sims’ first release from the album The Colouring of Pigeons (mp3). ELEVEN AMAZING MINUTES!

And here is the trailer for the opera, that I really really hope comes to America soon.

So neon, So awesome.



January 25, 2010

So you all have probably seen sites like FML and Fail Blog
where the masses can celebrate the shortcomings of our fellow man.

However, did you know that such places exist where one can observe and appreciate total strangers and their successes, big and small?

Check out and Succeed Blog! Watch your peers poop rainbows and slap high-fives with puppies and smile because the world is such a wonderful place.

:-& Dave

PS. This was one of my favorite Cat Week entries.


January 25, 2010

Thanks to everyone who participated in Cat Week! There were a lot of great posts but this was our favorite.

This one was our favorite, but there were a LOT of other good ones. Please check them out at our Facebook fan page!

P.S. Tyler gets an honorable mention for having posted the most cat videos. Tyler = awesome

-Brainbow Staff

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