Sleepin’ anywhere

June 28, 2010



Wow China

June 22, 2010

So China is apparently all about dying their dogs to look like exotic animals.

At first, I felt bad for these dogs, but then I realized Americans have been dying their dogs for years. And we’ve been doing a much shittier job of it.

This feels like a sequel to bad b*dy painting

:-& Dave

Why is this so amusing?

June 21, 2010

” Who Are Our Biggest Tweeters?

What we found is that RI’s major Tweeters form a fascinating cross-section of occupation – from our Top Tweeter (left), a media star thrust onto a celebrity stage via a TV reality show, to the number two (below), a university president;”

Don’t worry John Maeda, some day you will be as famous as Pauly D . . .

some day -mike

Jay-Z + Radiohead

June 15, 2010

Breakdancing + Jay-Z + Radiohead = the ultimate cool factor.


This summer, Spanish tropical badass El Guincho will start releasing a series of EPs of covers of traditional South American songs. His label is currently streaming the first of them on SoundCloud. It’s called Piratas de Sudamérica.



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