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December 30, 2010

whoa. cool stuff on the horizon, folks!


The argument over their existence is decades old, but it would appear that this footage found in Korean has finally given us an answer! Caught on film for the first time, the GGG’s dazzle us with their tiny string slappin’, fret fingerin’ hands. Enjoy!


couldn’t come up with a good name.

more/less disturbing/cute than will smith’s daughter?
my mom is obsessed with this video.

:-& Dave

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December 23, 2010

hahahahahaha, lunge, hahahaha – mike

ps: thanks Jess

Why Be I Pregnant Episode 2

December 21, 2010

So someone brought to my attention a blog that made a post about awkward pregnancy portraits. I found this particular post very interesting. Why IS it that during pregnancy, its suddenly appropriate for entire families to pose seminude/strangely dressed around the swollen matriarch of the family? Here are some of the highlights of their collection (captioned by yours truly of course)

There is no way that this photograph was planned. The only way it makes sense in my head is this:
The boys just got home from practice. Minutes before arriving home, Father has hastily turned the living room into the hanging sheet room. Mom comes down the stairs for the photo but alas, she has outgrown all of her clothing/shoes and must resort to wearing leftovers from Dad’s failed “Ski Shorts” debacle. “looks good hun, I think we got it!”

I feel like this image is trying to tell me a story.
I just don’t know wtf it is.

“Rollin’ on in to 9 months!”
“Truckin, I’m a goin’ home. Whoa whoa baby, back where I belong”

SO then I decided to scour the internets for my OWN awkward pregnant family portraits.

Interesting. Usually the man doesn’t need to be naked for this part.

photographer: Isn’t it kind of…gross that you’re all naked? Even your little girl?
Family: nah just slap some wings on her.
photographer: she’s still naked.
Family: no she’s an angel. and i’m wearing levi’s. and who’s leg is THIS?


“No this is good. Take the picture.”

Nice little collage of family nudity. The bottom right one is my fave. Also, who think’s daddy’s upstaging mommy in this photoshoot a little? Way to steal her wind.

I don’t think this one needs a funny caption. Also none of the captions I came up with were funny. Just disturbing.

only putting this here because at first when i looked at it I went “WHOA where are her nipples”. Not “Hey look a teddy bear”. But really. wtf is going on with that.

:-& Dave

Favorites of 2010

December 20, 2010

Been thinking about my favorite albums of 2010, and two jump to mind, but I don’t think I could really decide between the two, so I guess IT’S A TIE!

My last.fm will attest that I listen to Joanna Newsom alot. Which is saying a lot because seven-hundred-something Joanna Newsom songs is quite a time commitment. She tends to write epics. And while the average song-length for “Have One On Me” dropped considerably from the last album, “Ys,” I think it still says something. If you haven’t listened to this 3-disc powerhouse, just think of how it has warmed to heart of this aspiring metalhead.

Here is Joanna performing the second disc’s opener on Letterman last week:

The next is the score and soundtrack to Danish performance troop Hotel Pro Forma‘s opera Tomorrow, In a Year written and performed by The Knife, Mt. Sims, and Planningtorock. I think the The Knife has really proven that they are more than just the dance band we know for Heartbeats, but a creative force worthy of a larger place in the art world.

This video really exemplifies how sophisticated the artistic process was between all of the collaborators on this album. It also provides a sampling of the music. A particularly inspiring part is when Matt of Mt. Sims says of his process, “The notion the the scientific … way describing what is present cannot have some emotional weight is more of an an old way of seeing words and subjective events.”

Let us know some of your favorite albums from 2010 on our facebook page and make we can construct a megapost of reader-picked music! Do it!


WHRB Orgies

December 13, 2010

Last Saturday, I awoke to the sincere cry of Violeta Parra courtesy of the Pan-American Protest Orgy on WHRB (Harvard’s radio channel). On my walk to work Friday, I was swept away to the hilltops of Macedonia during the Balkan Brass Orgy.  While making breakfast Tuesday, I whisked eggs to the percussive rhythm of the Elvin Jones Orgy. What are  WHRB Orgies you might ask? They are “marathon-style musical programs devoted to a single composer, performer, genre, or subject” and they’re amazing! Legend has it, they began in 1943 as a celebratory toast to the end of finals. The orgy season is now celebrated biannually during Harvard’s reading & exam periods.

Thanks to a lack of visual stimulus (I don’t have tv or netflix in my Cambridge studio) I’ve turned to the almighty radio for entertainment. The Boston area has its fair share of stations; however, Journey, Tears for Fears and Cardi’s furniture ads get old REAL quick.

Which is why I highly recommend tuning in to Harvard’s WHRB (they stream online for those of you out of range). Besides their orgy season, they have amazing classical, jazz & hip-hop programs (yes, I’d say their late night hip-hop rivals both WERS 88.9 and Jam’n 94.5).  Heck, you might even learn something! You’ll know you’re on the right channel when you hear their ostentatious advertising (my favorites are the Terrida & J. Press spots).


ps. My sincerely apologies to those of you who have incidentally come across this post in search of an “orgy” and/or “orgies”. Might I suggest WHRB’s “Record Hospital” (weekdays) or “The Darker Side”  (weekends) to accompany you in your late-night journey to digital pleasure!

Apparently Mr. X-to-the-z doesn’t think it’s funny.


Stagnant Pools

December 13, 2010

Stagnant Pools are two brothers from Bloomington, IN that make hazy, gritty shoegaze post-punk.

You can stream and download their album “Real Lies” for free here or at their bandcamp page.

I’m into it.



Duuuuude… Shiiiittt…

December 12, 2010

“Shit dude, this happened around like, three- you kept yelling at us to call your wallet. You wouldn’t shut up until we told you it was on vibrate.”

“Alright. So, I leave, then you leave in fifteen minutes, and then…then this forgotten.”



Happy Sunday


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