Back to the Grind

January 31, 2011

…And finding references for erotic espressos, coital coffees and lusty lattes.

Sexy Viennese Coffee

“Tilt your head back a little more. MMM yes. Smile! Coffee tastes good! Yeahhhh, bounce those beans off your teeth. Perfect.” (photoshoot notes)




Baddass coffee.



“Wench, don’t try and distract me with that hot brown.”


Can’t find the wording, but this is some kind of joke about a preference for black coffee.


:-& Dave






Just got back from an incredible trip to San Francisco.

Still carrying the cloud of smug that I brought back with me.



:-& Dave

Recently, Daytrotter recorded a live set with Matmos. Matmos are an electronic and modern classical duo from San Fransisco who have been active since the the late 90s. They got attention as prominent collaborators with Björk, particularly on “Vespertine” and “Medúlla.”

Daytrotter, which features short informal performances by contemporary musicians produced two improvisational pieces by Matmos, the second of which features Dan Deacon, who is evidently a longtime friend.

Stream or Download the set here! It’s really good!

And just for something else to listen to, here’s a song from their 2004 album, “The Civil War:”


U2 + Johnny Cash

January 27, 2011

who knew – mike

Introducing the eYe2eYe. It’s too bad i didn’t find this before Christmas.

get out of my face bird – mike

I Must Show You What

January 25, 2011

I hope that one day I grow up to be her.


Meet Bob

January 21, 2011

He sits behind me at work.

:-& Dave


January 18, 2011

Apparently yesterday was the official “Most Depressing Day of the Year.”

And THIS is apparently the formula that they use to decide exactly when Blue Monday is every year.

W = Weather
d = Debt
T = Time since Christmas
Q = Time since failing New Years Resolution
M = Low motivational levels
Na = The feeling of needing to take action

Sounds like a bunch of totally random shit to me, but there you have it. So if you’re feeling a little battered/bruised/blue, it’s O.K. because it’s just Blue Monday. And Blue Monday is a day made up by people who made up that formula (idiots). Anyhow, I thought I’d turn to the world wide web to see what the internet has to offer when you’re combating the blues.

:-& Dave


January 14, 2011

awesome! Thanks steve.
:-& Dave

Hey Mom, I’m still alive!

January 13, 2011

When most of you think of me, you’re probably picturing someone that looks like this:


OR this


But when my mom looks at me, sometimes I’m pretty sure she’s seeing this.



Which probably explains why she worries about me so much. This is why a few months ago I came up with the idea for a project I call “I’m still alive, Mom”. It’s a twitter on which I post everyday that I am alive (and any other witty tidbit that hits me in the brain as I’m writing it). I started it a little over a month before Christmas (just to make sure I had the hang of it) and gave it to her on the big day. SO anyway, thought I’d share it with you all, just in case you find yourself wondering whether I’m alive or not today.

:-& Dave

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