I’m pretty guilty of getting annoyed by the “less/fewer” problem, but I love verbing nouns.

Here’s Stephen Fry on the right way to love language:



Thanks to Becca for showing me this.
It’s by a filmmaker name Dean Fleischer-Camp.


The Third & the Seventh

January 13, 2010

i enjoyed the whole thing, but it gets especially good from 6:30 onwards.
at least some people use computer animation to render beauty, not destruction.


Digital Altars

January 1, 2010

by Daniel Leyva


The Dunn Lab at Brown University’s Biology Department has a great website and podcast called Creature•Cast. It features student videos about the unexpected features of certain organisms.

One such video is by our very own The Vamos:

I also really like Noah Rose’s video about Marine Worms:

You can subscribe to the podcast by clicking here. Animals are awesome!


this was made without any digital manipulation – just pure stop-motion goodness.



June 10, 2009

blu’s website / blu’s vimeo



August 9, 2008


visual poetry – marc

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