Brainbow is Danny Floyd + Mike Clare + Friends from RISD

Mike Clare enhances parties by forcing people watch videos on youtube, has a green sailboat that wants a name and designs things and puts them on his website, check it!

Danny Floyd has a BFA in Photography from RISD. He’s also a painter and video artist as well as the art co-director for an independent record label based out of Atlanta called Bonertown! Records.

Jonnathan O’Conner is a designer who enjoys This American Life and the scientific method /

Chris Vamos is

Stephanie “Dave” Davidson is a girl/designer/sass-squatch.

Marc Haumann is eternally obsessed with the fresh ground peanut butter from the Jolly Roger.

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4 Responses to “WHO IS BRAINBOW?”

  1. John Maeda said

    Nice work folks. Keep on dreaming out loud. -JM

  2. periodical guy said

    Guys, before you go and start changing things in the RISD Library, you need to get permission from Carol Terry, Director of the RISD Library. The RISD Library promotes creative thinking and provides assistance in researching. Thus, we be happy to assist you and your friends in your academic and artistic pursuits. All patrons using the RISD Librray must adhere to all library policies and procedures.

    The periodical guy doesn’t like it when someone fools around with his children without permission.

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